Residential Propane Tips For Winter

Many homes rely on propane to fuel vital fixtures and appliances. If your home utilizes propane on a daily basis, it's important that you are prepared to maintain your propane supply throughout the cold winter months.

Here are three tips that you can keep in mind to ensure winter doesn't put a damper on your residential propane access in the future:

1. Always keep your propane tank full.

Homeowners who rely on propane daily often have a private tank that can store excess fuel on their property. While keeping propane in your storage tank is important when it comes to ensuring the structural integrity of the tank remains intact, keeping the tank full becomes vital during the cold winter months.

It's impossible to predict winter weather patterns, and a sudden severe storm could leave you without access to propane deliveries for an extended period of time. Keeping your propane tank full throughout the winter will ensure that you have enough fuel in reserve to power your home's appliances and fixtures with ease in the event of a storm.

2. Keep the area around your propane tank clear.

If you live in an area where snow and ice are common during the winter months, you need to take the time to keep the area surrounding your propane tank clear. Allowing moisture to build up on the exterior of your propane tank could cause the tank to rust, leaving it susceptible to leaks and serious damage over time.

Clearing away snow and ice from the area near your tank regularly will not only help to keep your tank in good condition, it will ensure that your propane supplier can easily access the tank in order to make deliveries throughout the cold winter months.

3. Mark your propane system clearly.

When heavy snow begins to accumulate during the winter months, it can be challenging to locate your propane equipment. Taking the time to clearly mark each of the elements of your propane system with stakes and bright flags prior to winter will ensure that you can locate this equipment in an emergency.

You should ensure that your storage tank and secondary pressure meter are clearly marked before the first snowstorm hits your area.

Caring for your home's propane system during the winter can be challenging. Be sure that you are prepared to ride out the winter months safely by keeping your tank full, clearing snow and ice away from your tank, and marking the elements of your propane system clearly for easy location in the future.

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