Incorporate Molded Fiberglass Elements Into Your B&M Store

If you are starting a retail business, you likely need to purchase store shelves, displays, enclosures, storeroom matting, infill panels for railings, and so forth. Instead of going to many different vendors, consider getting all of these items from an industrial manufacturing professional. Molded products, like fiberglass grating, can fit all of these elements and are very affordable—which is great for your overhead. Take a look at how molded fiberglass is made and why it is great for a B&M location.

How is Molded Fiberglass Made?

When you make an order for your store, an industrial professional will take all the necessary measurements to create a plug—this is a pattern of the exact shape of what your finished molded fiberglass will look like. Plugs can be made out of materials like foam or fiberglass. Once the plug is constructed, a gel coat resin will be applied. This gel coat hardens the surface and makes it more durable.

Then, professionals will roll a fiberglass mat over the plug to remove air bubbles and other flaws in the design. Anything that is flawed in the plug can be transferred to the final product, and air bubbles can damage the finished mold's strength. Once the plug is ready, then plastic resins are heated and pored into the plug and cooled, thus creating a finished mold.

The reason mold fiberglass is so economical is because once you make a good plug, it can be used over and over again to create new products for your business. Plus, turn-around times for bulk fabrication are quick, and these products can last your store decades.

Why is Molded Fiberglass Great for B&M Locations?

Again, this is a great material because it can be used for all sorts of structural applications in your store. If you want to set up shelves for products, molded fiberglass grating is great because it won't darken items on display. Light can diffuse through the material. Fiberglass can also be molded so it is load bearing, meaning that you can use it for shelves that contain heavy items.

Want to lower your insurance rates? Do everything in your power to lower your store's risks. If you have flammable products, molded fiberglass with special coating is fire resistant. Worried about personal injury suits? A vendor can add a grit surface to fiberglass grates so people don't slip and fall.

Since fiberglass molds are easy to produce, you may want to splurge on different architectural designs. For example, if you want to add benches inside or outside your store, you can get fiberglass with decorative grating. If you need railing inlays, you can purchase square-holed, round-holed, or hexagonal-holed grates.

Contact an industrial manufacturer in your area for more information on outfitting your B&M store with molded fiberglass.