Regular Maintenance For Your Boiler

Boilers are utilized in many industrial and manufacturing facilities to produce heat. This heat is the result of pressurized steam that accumulates within the boiler. Although a boiler can be a beneficial asset, it can also be a serious safety hazard if not properly maintained.

Regular maintenance is critical to the safety and performance of your industrial boiler.

Inspect flues and vents regularly.

Air needs to be able to pass freely in and out of your boiler. Airflow helps regulate the temperature within the boiler, and it also helps dispel dangerous gases that would otherwise build up inside your boiler. A system of flues and vents work together to distribute air throughout your boiler.

It's important that you regularly inspect these flues and vents for signs of a blockage. Dirt and debris can accumulate inside the flues and vents, restricting the flow of air and presenting a serious safety hazard. Through regular inspection and subsequent cleaning, you can maintain proper airflow through your boiler.

Check the water level regularly.

Your boiler must be filled with water in order to produce the steam required to heat your industrial space. The water level needs to be checked regularly, as evaporation can occur over time. When the water level in the boiler drop below the recommended minimum, the boiler can overheat.

High temperatures inside the boiler can lead to a dangerous (and potentially deadly) boiler explosion. Check the water level often and add more water as needed to ensure the safety of your boiler.

Inspect your boiler for leaks.

Leaks can compromise the safety and efficiency of your industrial boiler. Water leaks can cause utility costs to increase and leave your boiler without adequate water to produce heat.

Gas or fuel leaks can be extremely dangerous. Gas leaks can cause asphyxiation, while fuel looks can be a serious fire hazard. Worn or damaged parts are usually to blame for a leak.

Inspecting your boiler often for evidence of a leak will allow you to replace any worn or damaged parts before leaks become serious enough to compromise the safety of your industrial facility.

Caring for an industrial boiler is a significant responsibility. You must maintain your boiler on a regular basis to ensure it works safely and properly. Regular maintenance should include the inspection and cleaning of flues and vents, the verification of adequate water levels, and a thorough inspection for water or fuel leaks. For more information, contact your local boiler repair service.