Construction Management: 3 Things To Check Before Hiring A Welder For Your Project

Construction projects often lead to a need for welding, and even small, short-term projects should be treated with the same level of care as a major one when it comes to hiring a welder. As you know, quality welds are essential for ensuring the strength and integrity of your finished project, and you have to trust that all welding is done right before you can put your final approval on a finished project. [Read More]

Strategies for Handling Illegal Dumping in Your Dumpster

You purchase a dumpster that is exactly the right size. You schedule a time when you can take your belongings to the dumpster,  but when it is time to fill it up, your dumpster has already been filled by someone else. This can not only be a major inconvenience, but you also have to worry about what was dumped in the dumpster. If something was disposed of improperly, you might be blamed for it. [Read More]

Purchasing A Used Forklift

Having access to a forklift can make it easier for your employees to move pallets filled with products from one place to another within your warehouse. If your small company doesn't have the financial capital needed to invest in a new forklift, then purchasing a used forklift can be a great alternative. To avoid the purchase of a used forklift that will serve as a source of stress when it breaks down, here are three tips you can use to help you find a reliable forklift in your price range. [Read More]

Designing A More Versatile IT Department

Server racks, equipment storage, workstation mounts, and many more Information Technology (IT) storage areas can leave a lot to be desired. Although the standardization of IT equipment is still strong in the market, there are many custom devices that don't fit in the standard server rack or may not securely mount against a desk. If you're tired of loose devices, tangled cables, and odd fits, here's some IT equipment room design to make it all come together. [Read More]