Purchasing A Used Forklift

Having access to a forklift can make it easier for your employees to move pallets filled with products from one place to another within your warehouse. If your small company doesn't have the financial capital needed to invest in a new forklift, then purchasing a used forklift can be a great alternative.

To avoid the purchase of a used forklift that will serve as a source of stress when it breaks down, here are three tips you can use to help you find a reliable forklift in your price range.

1. Pay careful attention to the lifting apparatus.

The forks and masts on the front of a forklift play a critical role in the lifting process. If these elements are not in good condition, you may find that your used forklift becomes more of a hindrance than a help around your warehouse. Be sure that you are conducting a careful and thorough examination of the forks and masts before investing in a used forklift.

Look for signs of cracking, wear, or rust. These flaws could weaken the metal used to construct the forks and masts, making them unable to safely lift heavy loads. Only purchase a used forklift whose forks and masts are in near-new condition.

2. Inspect the rollers.

Forklifts rely on a series of rollers to help move the forks in a vertical fashion. When not properly maintained, these rollers can sustain damage with forced to endure excessive use. You should always inspect the rollers on a used forklift before making a purchase to ensure that the used piece of equipment will be able to safely move pallets around your warehouse in the future.

A damaged roller will have a compressed oval shape rather than a round one, so checking for this type of damage is an easy way to tell if a used forklift will be able to service the needs of your small company.

3. Check under the hood for leaks.

Engine trouble could render your used forklift inoperable, so it's important that you look at the condition of the engine prior to purchasing used equipment for your warehouse. Inspect the engine for leaks by looking for residue buildup on the surface of hoses.

You can also feel along the surface of the hoses with your fingers to identify any cracks that could lead to potential leaks in the future. Identifying possible leaks within the engine of a used forklift before making a purchase will help you buy the piece of equipment best suited to meet your needs.

Knowing what to look for as you shop for a used forklift will help you avoid investing in a forklift that won't be equipped to handle the lifting demands of your warehouse employees. Contact a company like U.S. Lift & Warehouse Equipment Inc to get started.