8 Metal Fabrication Projects You Probably Take For Granted

You might not give a lot of daily thought to metal fabrication, but fashioning items from metals is a huge and very important industry. Metal fabrication is more than just creating pipelines for utilities or huge machinery for industrial plants, although that is a big part of it, too. Fabrication companies are also involved in projects that you may see at your own home or in your neighborhood every day. Here are 8 of them. 

Metal Stairs

Metal stairs can add a more contemporary style to just about any room or office. Picture a metal, spiral staircase leading up to a loft in your home or a sleek, metal set of traditional stairs going to the second floor of an office building. 

Whether the staircase is made entirely from metal or is created from metal and wood pieces together, the result is functional and attractive. 

Ornate Handrails

Do you have gorgeous handrails going up the sides of the stairs in your home? Those ornate pieces with flourishes and cut-out designs were created at a fabrication company. Metal designs are so versatile that they can fit into just about any style of decor from contemporary to Victorian to Gothic. 

Iron Gates and Fencing

You don't have to own a mansion to have an elegant iron fence surrounding your home. Iron fencing comes in all kinds of styles. You can have an iron fence with very plain, straight slats that are topped with pyramids or spheres. Or you can have slats that are curved and artistic looking. Iron fencing can even come with pictures formed in the center. 

Iron gates in front of your house are a stunning way of welcoming guests and can provide extra security to your home. 

Metal Doors

Beautiful doors fashioned from metal are an eye-catching detail that can instantly update almost any home. If you have a wonderful door with a metal design that all your neighbors love, you have a fabrication company to thank for it. 

Custom Vehicle Additions

Sometimes vehicles need customized parts, especially if they are used for work or to complete a specific task. Metal is often used to create these parts. This may include something like a tractor fork created specifically for your vehicle or a custom truck hitch that is just the right size and style for whatever you need to haul. 

Outdoor Lamps and Lights

Outdoor lighting is a great complement to your landscaping, and it helps you enjoy your yard even when the sun isn't out. HGTV reports that using outdoor lighting in your yard is like adding a whole new room onto your house. Lampposts, lanterns, and lights attached to your house are all crafted by a fabrication company. 

Unique Furniture

Do you have a really special piece of iron furniture that makes your room stand out? It might be an intricately designed dining room table and chairs set, or it might be a sleek, contemporary coffee table with straight lines and angles. 

Metal furniture is popular in homes with a variety of different decorative styles. Choose pieces that fit perfectly with the look of your home and your own personality. 

Outdoor Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is the perfect place for your family and friends to unwind after a long day. If your fire pit wasn't made of metal, it wouldn't be safe. And metal fabrication companies are able to create fire pits that are both functional and pretty. 

You might not realize how many things you see each day were made by a fabrication company, such as Suburban Welding & Steel LLC, but those projects are all around you. Whether your needs are practical, artistic or both, you can find a great piece that was crafted from metal.