Selling Propane from Your Shop? 3 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Whether you run a small mom and pop shop, or a large convenience store, the way you handle your propane tanks is extremely important. Those tanks are filled with pressurized gas that's highly flammable and explosive. If you're not familiar with the proper handling guidelines, you could leave yourself and your customers at risk for serious injuries. If you're going to sell propane and propane accessories at your shop, here are three handling tips that will help prevent accidents.

Handle with Care

When handling propane tanks, it's important to remember that you're handling pressurized gas. That means you should take care when moving the tanks. For maximum protection, you should avoid knocking the tanks up against each other, or dropping them. Empty tanks should be removed, or refilled as quickly as possible. Just because a tank is nearly empty doesn't mean it no longer poses a threat. In fact, a tank that is nearly empty may pose a greater risk of explosion.

Store Properly

If you're going to be storing propane tanks on your commercial property, you'll need to practice proper storage techniques. The first thing you should know is that the safety cap should be securely attached to each tank. Next, your tanks should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. If the tanks become too hot during storage, they could explode, which will pose a safety risk for everyone around. When placing your propane tanks into storage, inspect them for signs of aging or damage. If you see rust, dents, or other damage on your tanks, you should take them out of use and replace them as soon as possible.

React to Leaks

If you have propane tanks on your commercial property, you need to conduct routine sniff tests. Head out to the storage area and take a deep breath. If you smell propane, you should tighten the valves on all your tanks, and evacuate the area as quickly as possible. Contact the fire department once you're a safe distance away from the area. It's also important that you avoid using the electricity near the tanks, or exposing the area to open flames – even from a small lighter. The electricity and open flames could cause an explosion.

Dispensing propane is a valuable service, especially during the summer months when so many people are firing up their BBQs. However, it's important that you practice proper safety precautions with the tanks that are on your property. Use the tips provided here to keep yourself and your customers safe from propane accidents. 

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