Answering A Few Water Well Questions You Might Be Wondering

If you are needing to provide your home with a source of water, a well can be one of the more durable and affordable solutions to this problem. While water wells are a very dependable source of water, there is important information that anyone considering owning one of these wells should know. What Do You Need To Do To Prevent Your New Well From Becoming Chemically Contaminated? A contaminated water well can be a major problem for you to encounter. [Read More]

Own a Factory? Why You Should Cover Your Machinery in Industrial Powder Coating

If you own a factory, you understand how important it is to keep your machinery in good condition. It's near impossible for you to keep up with the rigors of production if your equipment breaks down, especially if you run a high-production facility that constantly employs the usage of the devices.  However, while you might take special measures to protect your equipment by installing safety measures such as sprinklers, it might be time for you to take it a step further. [Read More]

Selling Propane from Your Shop? 3 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Whether you run a small mom and pop shop, or a large convenience store, the way you handle your propane tanks is extremely important. Those tanks are filled with pressurized gas that's highly flammable and explosive. If you're not familiar with the proper handling guidelines, you could leave yourself and your customers at risk for serious injuries. If you're going to sell propane and propane accessories at your shop, here are three handling tips that will help prevent accidents. [Read More]

8 Metal Fabrication Projects You Probably Take For Granted

You might not give a lot of daily thought to metal fabrication, but fashioning items from metals is a huge and very important industry. Metal fabrication is more than just creating pipelines for utilities or huge machinery for industrial plants, although that is a big part of it, too. Fabrication companies are also involved in projects that you may see at your own home or in your neighborhood every day. Here are 8 of them. [Read More]